Last Fantasy 16 Ending: Did Clive Die? (Idea)

Last Fantasy 16 has been an incredible sport and like all good issues it has to return to an finish.

The ending for FF16 appears to be open ended, leaving gamers with completely different interpretations of the ending.

Right here’s what presumably occurred for the Last Fantasy 16 ending. Did Clive die? Is Joshua alive?


Is Joshua alive or lifeless?

Some gamers suppose that Joshua really survived and someway got here again from demise as a result of Clive revived him together with his new Phoenix powers.

That stated, throughout the sport itself, it has been talked about that even the Phoenix can’t deliver again the lifeless. The favored potion Phoenix Down within the Last Fantasy collection is simply sport mechanics and isn’t the identical as story deaths.

So it’s possible that Clive merely healed and cleaned Joshua’s wounds together with his powers.

One level of competition is that Clive might have been far more highly effective with Ultima’s skills and is someway capable of revive Joshua.

ff16 did clive die

On the post-credits, we see a guide written titled Last Fantasy by Joshua Rosfield.

It doesn’t essentially imply that Joshua wrote it relying on the way you interpret it. It’s additionally potential that Clive wrote it just like how he took Cid’s identify.

ff16 ending theories clive and joshua alive

Additionally, the identify Last Fantasy was not directly stated within the sentence that Clive uttered throughout the last battle with Ultima. It was the one time within the sport when the phrases have been stated.

Within the last facet quest with Harpocrates and Dion, the previous gave Clive his stolas and requested him to place down the sword in the future and choose up the pen to begin writing.

This facet quest might have hinted that Clive wrote the Last Fantasy guide.

It’s additionally potential that they’re each lifeless and another person wrote for them, nevertheless it’s much less possible.


Is Clive alive or lifeless?

As for Clive’s destiny, it’s additionally unsure and left open. We see that Clive’s hand (and possibly his face) has been affected by the curse and appears to be struggling petrification just like different Bearers.

The opposite Bearers slowly died within the sport each time they get this curse from over-using magic.

We don’t know if the curse continues when all the magic has been already worn out by Clive in his last assault to destroy the crystal. Maybe the curse stops and doesn’t take his life instantly after magic ceases to exit in Valisthea.

ff16 ending explained

We additionally see Jill crying after she sees Metia (the star that she prays to) loses its mild. It might imply that her want didn’t come true because the star loses its mild, OR that her want got here true so it loses its mild.

She cries considering the previous however stops crying when she sees the solar rising once more. Clive as soon as stated in a earlier quest that he’ll at all times come again because the solar rises.

did clive live in final fantasy 16

All of those hints from the primary and facet quests appear to level in the direction of Clive being alive on the finish of the sport.

Once more, these are all theories because the ending is left open on function.


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