How To Open The Door In Human Haven

Excessive on Life has a secret and it’s saved behind the door contained in the Human Haven space.

It’s additionally associated to the key ending of the sport.

Right here’s how one can open the door in Human Haven in Excessive on Life.


get the important thing to open the door

The door in Human Haven requires a particular entry card / key to open. 

That is solely doable after you’ve accomplished the sport the place you’ve defeated Garmantuous.

When you’re performed with the sport, go to portals and head to Clugg’s Workplace in Nova Sanctus.

High On Life: What Is Behind The Door In Human Haven

You’ll see that the place is empty. Choose up the entry card from the workplace.

High On Life: how to open door in human haven

Now, go to Unknown Sector and select Human Haven.

High On Life: secret ending

You’ll see among the people rescued there.

Now, you have to use your jetpack to maintain going increased up.

On the high, you’ll see a door with a No Trespassing signal. Use the entry card to enter.

High On Life: human haven door key


The key ending of Excessive on Life

That is the place you unlock the key ending to the sport (spoilers forward).

Use Sweezy’s time gradual to get by the followers.

how to access human haven door - high on life

You’ll then see some lifeless people being experimented on.

Preserve following the trail and also you’ll see Clugg inside. The man he’s with is Dr. Gurgula. 

The latter is the one chargeable for releasing the plague that killed the Gatlians. He’s additionally experimenting on people to uncover the secrets and techniques behind the galaxy.

Dr. Gurgula kills Clugg and can depart the world earlier than you are able to do something to him. Kenny then means that we’d solely meet him in a sequel.

Depart the world and return to the bottom flooring. You’ll see Clugg’s youngsters ready.

They’ll inform you that they assist you. The key ending ends right here.


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